[Haskell-cafe] Whatever happened to Trex.hs

Adam Wyner adam at wyner.info
Thu Mar 1 17:00:02 EST 2007


I'd been using trex.hs for extensible records and programmed a bit using 
it.  I liked it for what it did and also because it had very nice 
documentation on how to use it.  I know there are other proposals and 
implementations in Haskell for records (HaskellDB and HList), but for 
the time being I still want to use Trex.hs.  It seems to me that the 
current distribution of Haskell is not supporting Trex, or at least I 
can't find any information anymore about it, nor anything on the 
discussion lists.  Installing recent distributions of Hugs gives me 
error messages about missing type constructors for records.


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