[Haskell-cafe] Running GranSim on GHC 6.6.1

Felipe Almeida Lessa felipe.lessa at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 21:07:12 EDT 2007

Hello, everybody!

I'd like to know how to compile with GranSim. When compiling anything
I get an error about package "concurrent". In fact, it complains even
something simple like

$ ghc -gransim
ghc-6.6.1: unknown package: concurrent

This happens with GHC 6.6 from Ubuntu packages and from GHC 6.6.1
compiled from the site tarballs with "./configure --enable-gransim".

Is GranSim broken? Or deprecated? Maybe on GHC from Darcs? Or do I
have to do something else? I couldn't find anything recent about
GranSim (and I've googled quite a lot =).

Any pointers are appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


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