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Jeff Polakow jeff.polakow at db.com
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> Hello all,
> Given an HList (http://homepages.cwi.nl/~ralf/HList/) would it be
> possible to do the following:
> Create a class/function/magicks that would essentially do what
> hOccursMany does, except it would not return a list of elements, but a
> new HList. For example, would this allow us to be able to write more
> lax typing constraints and say extract only things that are in lists.
> ie) HCons "hi"  (HCons [2.2,3.3] (HCons 'a' hNil)) -> HCons "hi"
> (HCons [2.2,3.3]  hNil)
> (removing the Char element).
> I tried to write something like this but I did not get very far, is it
> even possible? I'm new to this type-level programming :)
One approach is to write a HList filter function. You need to use 
type-level bools, type-level apply, and break up the filter function into 
two parts; you need a second typeclass to discriminate on the HBool which 
results from applying your predicate to each element of the HList.

Below is some code that works for me.



{-# OPTIONS -fglasgow-exts 

module MyHList where

class TypeCast   a b   | a -> b, b->a   where typeCast   :: a -> b
class TypeCast'  t a b | t a -> b, t b -> a where typeCast'  :: t->a->b
class TypeCast'' t a b | t a -> b, t b -> a where typeCast'' :: t->a->b
instance TypeCast'  () a b => TypeCast a b where typeCast x = typeCast' () 
instance TypeCast'' t a b => TypeCast' t a b where typeCast' = typeCast''
instance TypeCast'' () a a where typeCast'' _ x  = x

data HNil = HNil deriving (Show, Read, Eq)
data HCons e l = HCons e l deriving (Show, Read, Eq)

data HTrue = HTrue deriving (Eq, Show)
data HFalse = HFalse deriving (Eq, Show)

class HApply f e v | f e -> v
    where hApply :: f -> e -> v

-- This HFilter uses an accumulator to avoid using typecast.
class HFilter acc p l l' | acc p l -> l'
    where hFilter :: acc -> p -> l -> l'
instance HFilter acc p HNil acc
    where hFilter acc _ _ = acc
instance (HApply p x b, HFilter1 b x acc p xs xs') => HFilter acc p (HCons 
x xs) xs'
    where hFilter acc p (HCons x xs) = hFilter1 (hApply p x) x acc p xs

class HFilter1 b x acc p xs xs' | b x acc p xs -> xs'
    where hFilter1 :: b -> x -> acc -> p -> xs -> xs'
instance HFilter acc p xs xs' => HFilter1 HFalse x acc p xs xs'
    where hFilter1 _ _ acc p xs = hFilter acc p xs
instance HFilter (HCons x acc) p xs xs' => HFilter1 HTrue x acc p xs xs'
    where hFilter1 _ x acc p xs = hFilter (HCons x acc) p xs

-- Here is a specific type-level function to check if something is a list.
-- Can't avoid the typeCast here because of functional dependencies on 
data IsList = IsList
instance HApply IsList [a] HTrue
    where hApply _ _ = undefined
instance TypeCast HFalse b => HApply (IsList) a b
    where hApply _ _ = undefined

test = hFilter HNil IsList $ HCons "hi"  (HCons [2.2,3.3] (HCons 'a' 


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