[Haskell-cafe] Practical Haskell question.

Arie Peterson ariep at xs4all.nl
Mon Jun 25 12:40:05 EDT 2007

As others have explained, you can't analyse your do-constructs, because
functions are opaque -- at the value level.

The canonical option would indeed seem to be to use arrows (or applicative
functors), instead of monads.


If you want to stick to monads, there is another possibility: carry around
the necessary checks *at the type level*. Below is a sketch of how you
could do this.

Things to note:

- Uses HList <http://homepages.cwi.nl/~ralf/HList/>.

- Deciding which checks to perform happens statically, so it will check
for any actions that are mentioned, even if they are not actually

  actionX >>= \ b -> if b then actionY else actionZ

will perform checks necessary for actionZ, even if actionX happens to
return True.

- First draft; may contain sharp edges (or outright errors). There are
some possibilities for generalisation: e.g. do it over an arbitrary monad,
instead of IO.


module CheckIO where

import Control.Monad.Error
import HList
  , (.*.)
  , HNil
  , HOccurs

data CheckIO labels x
  = CheckIO (IO x)

instance Monad (CheckIO l) where
  return = CheckIO . return
  (CheckIO a) >>= h = CheckIO $ a >>= ((\ (CheckIO x) -> x) . h)
  fail = CheckIO . fail

instance Functor (CheckIO l) where
  fmap f (CheckIO a) = CheckIO (fmap f a)

withCheck :: (HOccurs label labels) => IO x -> label -> CheckIO labels x
withCheck = flip (const CheckIO)

class Check label where
  check :: label -> ErrorT String IO () -- |label| argument is for type
inference only

class Checks c where
  performChecks :: c -> ErrorT String IO () -- |c| argument is for type
inference only

instance Checks HNil where
  performChecks _ = return ()

instance (Check label,Checks rest) => Checks (label :*: rest) where
  performChecks _ = check (undefined :: label) >> performChecks (undefined
:: rest)

runWithChecks :: forall labels x. (Checks labels) => CheckIO labels x ->
labels -> ErrorT String IO x
runWithChecks (CheckIO q) _ = performChecks (undefined :: labels) >> liftIO q

-- End of general CheckIO code; the following example use would actually
go in a different module.

-- Component actions

data Root
  = Root

instance Check Root where
  check _ = do
    liftIO $ putStrLn "Root privileges required. Enter root password:"
    pw <- liftIO getLine
    if pw == "myRootPassword"
      then return ()
      else throwError "No root."

actionA :: (HOccurs Root labels) => CheckIO labels ()
actionA = putStrLn "Enter a string:" `withCheck` Root

data Database
  = Database

instance Check Database where
  check _ = liftIO $ putStrLn "Database is ok."

actionB :: (HOccurs Database labels) => CheckIO labels String
actionB = getLine `withCheck` Database

data Connection
  = Connection

instance Check Connection where
  check _ = do
    liftIO $ putStrLn "Connection up?"
    x <- liftIO getLine
    if x == "yes"
      then return ()
      else throwError "No connection."

actionC :: (HOccurs Connection labels) => String -> CheckIO labels ()
actionC x = putStrLn (reverse x) `withCheck` Connection

-- Composed action

main :: ErrorT String IO ()
main = action `runWithChecks` (Connection .*. Database .*. Root .*. HNil)

action :: (HOccurs Root labels,HOccurs Connection labels,HOccurs Database
labels) => CheckIO labels ()
action = do
  x <- actionB
  actionC x


Kind regards,


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