[Haskell-cafe] Collections

Andrew Coppin andrewcoppin at btinternet.com
Fri Jun 22 14:15:45 EDT 2007

Dan Piponi wrote:
> Andrew said:
>> True enough - but that's a rather specific task. I'm still not seeing
>> vast numbers of other uses for this...
> Graphs are one of the most ubiquitous structures in the whole of
> computer science. Whether you're representing dataflows, or decoding
> error-correcting codes, or decomposing an almost block matrix into
> independent parts for multiprocessing, or figuring out which registers
> to spill in a compiler, or programming neural networks, or finding the
> shortest path between two cities, or trying to find dependencies in a
> sequence of tasks, or constructing experimental designs, or using an
> expert system to diagnose disease symptoms, or trying to find optimal
> arrangements of marriage partners, or a million other tasks, graphs
> appear everywhere!

I see *trees* around the place a lot, but not general graphs.

Maybe it's just the type of problems I attempt to solve?

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