[Haskell-cafe] Perl-style numeric type

Lennart Augustsson lennart at augustsson.net
Tue Jun 19 17:59:36 EDT 2007

I implemented a number type like that in Haskell ca 1992, called noddy
numbers (I think John Hughes named them).  I don't think I still have them,
but it would be easy to do again.  Except for the fact that there are so
many way you and none of them are quite satisfactory.

  -- Lennart

On 6/19/07, Brent Yorgey <byorgey at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've started developing a library to support a "Perl-style" numeric type
> that "does the right thing" without having to worry too much about types.
> Explicit static typing of numeric types is really great most of the time,
> and certainly a good idea for larger projects, but probably everyone's had
> one of those experiences where you just want to write some simple, "one-off"
> numeric code that ends up getting cluttered with all sorts of fromIntegers
> and whatnot just to make the type checker happy.  The idea would be to
> internally use either an Integer, Rational, or Double, and transparently
> convert between them as necessary.  I know I would enjoy having such a
> numeric type for use in, e.g. programs to solve Project Euler problems.
> But before I get too far (it looks like it will be straightforward yet
> tedious to implement), I thought I would throw the idea out there and see if
> anyone knows of anything similar that has already been done before (a
> cursory search of the wiki didn't turn up anything).  I don't want to
> reinvent the wheel here.
> thanks!
> -Brent
> PS Also, did anyone get my e-mail to this list of June 8 about Template
> Haskell and QuickCheck?  If you did and it's just that no one knows the
> answer to my questions, no problem.  But I was subscribed in a strange way
> (through the fa.haskell Google group) and I'm beginning to suspect that
> perhaps my message never actually got sent over the list.  If so I could
> resend it now that I'm subscribed by more conventional means.
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