[Haskell-cafe] yi or not to yi was: IDE?

Andrew Coppin andrewcoppin at btinternet.com
Mon Jun 18 13:31:46 EDT 2007

Pasqualino 'Titto' Assini wrote:
> I think that we should not underestimate the transforming power of dogged 
> determination.
> Think of Linux: only a terminal idiot could have conceived the plan of writing 
> from scratch a clone of a 20 years old operating system (Unix) when everybody 
> knew that momentum was on the side of the weaker solution (Microsoft) in the 
> PC market and on the many existing commercial Unix versions in the 
> professional market.
> Well, we all know what that stupid idea has led to. I certainly do, as I am 
> writing this message under Linux.

That reminds me... Somebody should write an *OS* in Haskell! :-D

If that happened, then maybe at last I'd be able to have a choice other 
than M$ Windows (with all it's well-documented faults), and Unix (with 
its legendary unfriendliness and unecessary complexity).

OTOH... how the heck do you write an operating system in a language that 
doesn't even support I/O? :-S

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