[Haskell-cafe] Haskell mode for emacs - some questions

peterv bf3 at telenet.be
Mon Jun 18 12:14:24 EDT 2007

I finally got emacs using Haskell-mode working. It seems that the latest
version of emacs support nice font smoothing on Windows; the last time I
looked it didn't. Auto indent works, inf-haskell works, really great. So far
so good.

But I have some questions I did not find in the wiki:

- How can I just compile and run in one go without having to type "ghc
--make main.hs" as arguments for the "compile..." command and then typing
"main.exe" for "shell command..."? This is what you do all the time when
using Visual Studio, Eclipse, etc: just hit the F5 key which builds all the
dependencies and runs one or more generated executables. Easy. Visual
Haskell does this (in the cases it does not hang for some unknown reason).
Of course I could dig into ELISP, but somehow I feel this must be supported

- There seems to be support for "Haskell Font Lock Symbols", which should
convert \, -> and maybe other symbols to good looking Unicode fonts. I can't
get the correct fonts working on Windows. Now as I understood this is not
really supported because of indentation problems, as underneed the single
Unicode arrow character is converted into ->? This is unfortunate, because
that's one of the things I really like about Sun's Fortress: the usage of
Unicode symbols makes the text look much more mathematically, versus the
half-century-old ASCII text. Furthermore in almost all Haskell books the
richer font symbols are used for clarity. Any hints on this topic?

Thanks again!

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