[Haskell-cafe] IDE?

Jon Harrop jon at ffconsultancy.com
Mon Jun 18 01:04:40 EDT 2007

On Monday 18 June 2007 05:39:21 Derek Elkins wrote:
> Not directed at Michael Richter specifically:
> I don't normally say this stuff, but this discussion has drifted onto
> topics that have nothing to do with Haskell.  I personally would like
> the parts unrelated to Haskell to be carried on off the list.

I don't normally drag threads back on topic, but functional reactive GUIs seem 
to be pioneered by Haskell programmers. Can anyone explain what this idea is 
all about?

I'm just getting acquainted with GUI programming using LablGTK in OCaml and 
Windows Forms in F#, so I know next to nothing about GUI programming. In 
particular, I'm interested in developing GUIs for languages like these. More 
specifically, a variation of Mathematica's notebook front-end, designed to 
make functional languages more accessible and useful for scientists and 

Dr Jon D Harrop, Flying Frog Consultancy Ltd.
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