[Haskell-cafe] Building Yi (and wider Cabal stuff)

Malte Milatz malte at gmx-topmail.de
Sun Jun 17 04:37:22 EDT 2007

Michael T. Richter:
> I'm trying to build Yi (from the darcs repository) to take a look at
> it. 

I tried that, too, and it seems to me that if you use a different GHC
version than the developers have, you're very likely to be struck.  (Now
how will I know what version they use?)

> The README that comes with it says "it's a standard Cabal project so
> do what you normally do" (paraphrased slightly). 

That seems to be a README bug.  The following steps seem to be

cd packages/yi-lib/
runghc Setup.hs configure
runghc Setup.hs build
sudo runghc Setup.hs install
cd ../..
runghc Setup.hs configure
runghc Setup.hs build

You will need specific filepath and Vty libraries, as stated in the

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