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Indeed, that's what I forgot to mention, Resharper in Visual Studio 2005
does that for C#, IntelliJ & Eclipse for Java. You rarely need compilation,
its syntax checker runs inplace and incrementally and shows you the errors
and warning in the right margin. That saves you a lot of time. 

For Haskell, the Eclipse plugin should do something like that, at least
every time you save. http://eclipsefp.sourceforge.net But I never got it to
work with GHC (only GHCI/Hugs), I tried on 3 different machines (on

I also guess this should not be too difficult to implement in Emacs... for
someone how knows Emacs that is. 

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While we're on the topic of IDE features.

I wish to have an editor that ran GHC[I] every few seconds or so, and 
underlined sites of syntax errors in red.  This would save me a lot of 
back-and-forth.  If an editor did this, I would switch (from kate) in a 

This has been mentioned before in only one place that I can find:


Yeah, I could do it myself.

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