[Haskell-cafe] IDE?

Marc Weber marco-oweber at gmx.de
Sat Jun 16 12:52:55 EDT 2007

>  > Personally, I really hate text-mode editors. (I won't even go into how
>  > many times I've had to reboot Linux just to get *out* of Vi!)

One bad experience and you have never given anyone/what a chance to proof you wrong ;)
Perhaps take 10 seconds, fire up vim again and read the splash screen
which tells you

  type  :q<Enter>               to exit
  type  :help<Enter>  or  <F1>  for on-line help
~ type  :help version7<Enter>   for version info

how to exit vim again. I have to admit that I didn't crasp what to do
either the first time.
So let me tell you that
means you have to type the : to get the command line 
and <Enter> means you have to press the return key.

The second option is using Ctrl-z to but vim into background (when
running it within bash).. Then it's killed automatically when you exit

I don't want to tell you that you have to use vim.
I want to show you that you don't have to be afraid when opening it
again (by accident)

There are some reasons why vim has been reader's choice 2005 (linux

I can't you tell much about emacs. I've chosen to learn vim because I
don't have to press that many Meta and Ctrl - keys (which would have
made my fingers hurt plenty) and because of the movement commands I
couldn't find in emacs.

If you are interested you can drop me an email and I can show you some
of the IDE features I've written for vim.

Marc Weber

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