[Haskell-cafe] IDE?

Andrew Coppin andrewcoppin at btinternet.com
Sat Jun 16 10:46:54 EDT 2007

David House wrote:
> Andrew Coppin writes:
>  > Dude... somebody should write the world's next killer editor in Haskell, 
>  > just to show how awsome Haskell is!
> Yi [1] does exist, with roughly this aim.

Yes, I've read about Yi once or twice. And yet, I still find myself
puzzled as to what it actually *is*, what it's meant to do, what's
supposed to be good about it, and how to actually obtain it so I can
even try it out.

> Why not contribute an afternoon's hacking?

1. I'm not good enough.

2. I'll never be able to find my way around the source code.

> However, one of the reasons that Emacs is so great is the absolute wealth of
> libraries available for it. It's been aroud a long time and people like it a lot
> so there's pretty much an Emacs Lisp library to integrate _any_ tool, to help
> editing _any_ kind of source/configuration file etc. It would take many
> lifetimes to replicate this in a different language.

"Emacs? That's not a text editor - it's an *operating system*!"

Personally, I really hate text-mode editors. (I won't even go into how
many times I've had to reboot Linux just to get *out* of Vi!) What I
want is something more friendly. Currently my tool of choice is SciTE -
but it's an absolute pain to configure. (1. There is no GUI. You must
edit the config file manually. 2. The documentation is very minimal.)
It's also not particularly flexible.

What I would *really* like is a nice big IDE... but it seems there isn't
one for Haskell. :-(

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