[Haskell-cafe] Sneaking haskell in the workplace -- cleaning csv files

Jim Burton jim at sdf-eu.org
Fri Jun 15 20:23:21 EDT 2007

Sebastian Sylvan wrote:
> A sorry, I thought the delimiter was a line delimiter. I'm trying to get to
> that fusion goodness by using built-in functions as much as possible...
> How about this one:
> clean del = B.map ( B.filter (/='\n') ) . B.groupBy (\x y -> (x,y) /=
> (del,'\n'))
> That groupBy will group it into groups which don't have the delimiter
> followed by a newline in them (which is the sequence your rows end with),
> then it filters out newlines in each row. You might want to filter out
> spaces first (if there are any) so that you don't get a space between the
> delimiter and newline at the end...
I think you still need unlines after that so is the time complexity 
different to the

unlines . foldr (function including `last') . lines

in my first post? Or is it better for another reason, such as "fusion 

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