[Haskell-cafe] IDE?

David House dmhouse at gmail.com
Fri Jun 15 19:48:38 EDT 2007

bf3 at telenet.be writes:
 > - syntax highlighting
 > - quick navigation (goto symbol, goto instance, find usages, etc)
 > - code completion

Emacs with haskell-mode can do this.

 > - cross module refactoring 

Refactoring doesn't feature as heavily in Haskell workflow as, say, Java,
just because of the differing natures of the language (e.g. Haskell features
more powerful polymorphism). So you can pretty much get by without refactoring
tools, although some do exist. HaRe, for example, has Emacs integration.

 > - "debugging" (not imperative debugging, so no breakpoints, but just
 > plugging in a visualizer/pretty printer for a function in a separate
 > dedicated window, like what http://www.apple.com/shake does on each "node")

Debugging in Haskell is a bit of a no-show for now. There's some support in the
latest versions of GHCi, but I don't think it's very mature.

-David House, dmhouse at gmail.com

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