[Haskell-cafe] Happy, GLR and GHC 6.6

Iván Pérez Domínguez iperez at babel.ls.fi.upm.es
Wed Jun 13 18:38:27 EDT 2007

Hi everyone,

   As we all know, FiniteMap was deprecated, and with GHC-6.6 Data.Map
must be used instead. Some function names in Data.Map clash with names
in prelude, and Map is usually imported qualified.

Happy generates GLR parsers (-l), but the templates it uses keep calling
FiniteMap functions. When Data.Map is imported, it's not imported
qualified and some function names are ambiguous.

I've been using a modified template to generate a GLR parser with
GHC-6.6 and it seems to work just fine (there are few changes, not a big
deal anyway).

I just got the most recent version of Happy and the problem remains, so
I applied my changes to GLR_Lib.lhs and ran a diff. The result is
attached to this mail.

Hope it helps someone else.


PS. I seem to recall having sent this mail months ago. Couldn't find it,
though. In case it's been sent twice, I apologise.

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