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(... and showing an example of a simple-minded simplifier
> and symbolic differentiator. The unification was presented as a powerful
> pattern-matcher, being able to instanciate logic variables, and test the
> coherence within patterns sharing the same elements (which is not possible
> in Haskell, and *much* less efficient than the Haskell pattern-matcher,
> for formal reasons). It *WORKED*. ...)
> (... A good deal of Prolog non-determinism can be efficiently and nicely
> simulated in Haskell using the list Monad.

You have brought up prolog, unification, etc .. and knowing this is the
Haskell board, just wondering what anyones thoughts on the hybrid haskell
based language CURRY, for these kind of problems.  It seems that it's
development is stalled... and sorry ahead of time if I am wrong on that
point.  Just seems that if it were firing on all cylinders and had
implemented all of the "type" magic of the Haskell implementations ..it it
wouldn't be great for doing symbolic manipulations.. any comments on that??
or has anyone out there ever taken a look at Curry in any comprehensive
way.  Just seems really interesting and I have fired it up just enough to
see that it works, but I was only doing things with it to test and they were
ALL things that I brought over from Haskell...
  Sorry if this is sorta off topic, but...
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