[Haskell-cafe] OK, so this VIM thing -- how do I make it actually work?

Dave Tapley dukedave at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 06:01:43 EDT 2007

Hi Michael,

I can also confirm this occurs on my Vim 7.0 (I'm also running Edgy Eft).
Notably it (the red highlight on _ and loss of syntax highlighting) only
seems to occur when there is a \section (or sub) command within the .lhs (I
am also using lhs2tex). Hadn't noticed this before as I tend not to place
sectioning commands in the .lhs and use a main .tex containing sequences

\subsection{Module foo}

Not sure if this is present in the Feisty Fawn binaries, I guess someone
should file a bug report? :)


On 05/06/07, Michael T. Richter <ttmrichter at gmail.com> wrote:
>  I've given up on getting a decent text editor for editing Haskell
> (specifically literate Haskell -- plain Haskell works fine in GEDIT).
> Instead I fire up VIM and get ... a total mess.  At first I think maybe I've
> screwed up a whole bunch of settings or something, so I nuke everything in
> my home directory that begins with .vim and then, for added measure, head
> over to /usr/share and nuke the entire ./vim directory tree.  I then
> reinstall vim (from the Ubuntu Edgy archives) to get a brand new set of
> config files unsullied by my hands.
> I still get a dog's breakfast.
> A screen shot of what I'm seeing with a representative example of a .lhs
> file to show what I mean can be found at
> http://img357.imageshack.us/img357/5798/gvimexamplezv4.png.  (I've pared
> it down to the minimum I could find that shows the behaviour clearly.)  The
> problems I'm seeing are the ugly white-on-red for underlines, the lack of
> any kind of differentiation for keywords/operators/etc. vs. identifiers
> (although *some* punctuation is recognized, specifically curly braces),
> comments not being noted, etc.  Basically it looks like the Haskell is
> simply not being recognized at all (and, if the @saBinds@ thing is what I
> think it is, it looks like some latex isn't being recognized fully either).
> Can anybody vim-centric please take a look at this and give me a few
> educated guesses as to what is happening here?  For good measure, here's the
> beginning of the lhaskell.vim file that comes with my vim distribution (
> 7.0 in the Ubuntu archives).  If it's desired I can attach the whole
> file.  (It isn't actually all that large.)
> " Vim syntax file
> " Language: Haskell with literate comments, Bird style,
> " TeX style and plain text surrounding
> " \begin{code} \end{code} blocks
> " Maintainer: Haskell Cafe mailinglist <haskell-cafe at haskell.org>
> " Original Author: Arthur van Leeuwen <arthurvl at cs.uu.nl>
> " Last Change: 2004 Aug 31
> " Version: 1.01
> "
> " Thanks to Ian Lynagh for thoughtful comments on initial versions and
> " for the inspiration for writing this in the first place.
> "
> " This style guesses as to the type of markup used in a literate haskell
> " file and will highlight (La)TeX markup if it finds any
> " This behaviour can be overridden, both glabally and locally using
> " the lhs_markup variable or b:lhs_markup variable respectively.
> "
> " lhs_markup     must be set to either  tex or  none  to indicate that
> "     you always want (La)TeX highlighting or no highlighting
> "     must not be set to let the highlighting be guessed
> " b:lhs_markup     must be set to eiterh  tex or  none  to indicate that
> "     you want (La)TeX highlighting or no highlighting for
> "     this particular buffer
> "     must not be set to let the highlighting be guessed
> "
> "
> " 2004 February 18: New version, based on Ian Lynagh's TeX guessing
> "     lhaskell.vim, cweb.vim, tex.vim, sh.vim and fortran.vim
> " 2004 February 20: Cleaned up the guessing and overriding a bit
> " 2004 February 23: Cleaned up syntax highlighting for \begin{code} and
> "     \end{code}, added some clarification to the attributions
> "
>   --
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