[Haskell-cafe] problems installing Takusen-0.6

Salvatore Insalaco kirby81 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 29 02:04:51 EDT 2007

2007/7/29, Rahul Kapoor <rk at trie.org>:
> I am having problems installing Takusen-0.6 (ghc 6.6.1 on FreeBSD)
> The configure and build works fine. running ./setup install fails with:
> Installing: /usr/local/lib/Takusen-0.6/ghc-6.6.1 & /usr/local/bin Takusen-0.6...
> setup: Error: Could not find module: Database.Oracle.Enumerator with
> any suffix: ["hi"]

Hi Rahul,
just edit the file takusen.cabal and comment (with --) all the lines
that begin with Database.Oracle or Database.PostgreSQL.


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