[Haskell-cafe] My Haskell ICFP '07 Programming Competition entry

Antoine Latter aslatter at gmail.com
Mon Jul 23 23:22:06 EDT 2007


I'd just like to call attention to a few recent blog posts containing
myself and my friend Creighton's entry into the ICFP '07 programming
competition.  Mainly because I'm looking to find someone who knows
Haskell and the contest so they can tell me where my bug is :)

Also, if anyone wants to see a Haskell approach towards the contest's
DNA to RNA conversion, here you go.  It's not always idiomatic
HAskell, but that's what happens in a 72 hour contest.

Any feedback would be appreciated.  The bug (I believe) occurs
somewhere in the implementation of "matchpattern", which is in the
fourth URL.

Bellow are the URLs of the Haskell source code (with comments included
as blog posts).  We only got as far as the DNA to RNA conversion



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