[Haskell-cafe] Another analogy

Andrew Coppin andrewcoppin at btinternet.com
Mon Jul 23 14:56:35 EDT 2007

 From the guy who brought you "data in Haskell is like an undead quantum 
cat", I present the following:

"If programming languages were like vehicles, C would be a Ferrari, C++ 
would be a Porshe, Java would be a BWM and Haskell would be a hovercraft.

It doesn't even have WHEELS! There is no steering wheel, no gearbox, no 
clutch... it doesn't even have BRAKES!!!

It completely turns the rules upside down. I mean, it moves by PUSHING 
AIR. That's just crazy! It even STEERS by pushing air. It sounds so 
absurd, it couldn't possibly work...

...oh, but it DOES work. Very well, actually. In fact, a hovercraft can 
do some things that the others can't. It works on water. It can go 
sideways. It can REALLY turn on the spot."

Insert whitty replies here...

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