[Haskell-cafe] gui libs? no thanks, i'm just browsing.. ;-)

Marc Weber marco-oweber at gmx.de
Thu Jul 19 17:16:54 EDT 2007

> is there even tool support for "i've got a new major version of ghc, please
> rebuild and register everything i had registered for the old major 
> version."?

We will have soon. The nix distribution system will be able to do
exactly this.

You pass a ghc compiler for each build description. Passing another and
reinstalling a package will cause all dependencies to be rebuild as
well. I'm working on this. I'v already around 100 packages installed
from hackage. (But no gui lib yet)

I hope that this all will work at least to be able to test within the
following 2 weeks. (But things may change)


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