[Haskell-cafe] Re: Haskell for categorists

Dominic Steinitz dominic.steinitz at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Jul 17 03:40:31 EDT 2007

Miguel Mitrofanov <miguelimo38 <at> yandex.ru> writes:

> Just being curious.
> There are a lot of tutorials ensuring the reader that, although
> Haskell is based on category theory, you don't have to know CT to use
> Haskell. So, is there ANY Haskell tutorial for those who do know CT?
> I don't need it, personally, but still...

There's the papers by Meijer, Paterson, Fokkinga etc. E.g. Functional 
Programming with Bananas, Lenses, Envelopes and Barbed Wire. Perhaps topical 
given the recent discussions on co-recursion.


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