[Haskell-cafe] maybe OT: open standards: ooxml, are haskellers interested ?

Marc Weber marco-oweber at gmx.de
Mon Jul 16 17:18:43 EDT 2007

At the moment I only know of questions about interfacing the API of
Microsoft office eg using COM technology.

This shows that at least some haskellers are interested in office

That's why I want to mention

Microsoft wants to create a new ISO standard for its OOXML format which
you will never be able to implement completely. 
It's also about 6000 pages compared to 600 pages (ODT, OpenOffice is
using this)

Most haskell libraries are kind of open source. If tey weren't haskell
wouldn't be that appealing.

More information about topics like this can be found on www.ffii.org

Marc Weber

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