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Mon Jul 16 01:55:55 EDT 2007

Hello Andrew,

Monday, July 16, 2007, 1:06:42 AM, you wrote:

> I have a vague recollection of somebody muttering something about
> ByteStrings and memory-mapped files...?


you can either open m/m file with openBinaryMMFile and use it to
read/write any data including ByteStrings or use the following code
that maps file into memory and allow to use it as ByteString

-- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
-- Mapping file contents into ByteString / memory buffer

#if defined(__GLASGOW_HASKELL__)

#if defined(USE_BYTE_STRING)
-- | Like mmapBinaryFilePtr, but returns ByteString representing
-- the entire file contents.
mmapBinaryFileBS :: FilePath -> IO ByteString
mmapBinaryFileBS f = do
    (fp,l) <- mmapBinaryFilePtr f
    return $ fromForeignPtr fp 0 l

-- | Like 'readFile', this reads an entire file directly into a
-- 'ByteString', but it is even more efficient.  It involves directly
-- mapping the file to memory.  This has the advantage that the contents
-- of the file never need to be copied.  Also, under memory pressure the
-- page may simply be discarded, while in the case of readFile it would
-- need to be written to swap. You can run into bus
-- errors if the file is modified.
mmapBinaryFilePtr :: FilePath -> IO (ForeignPtr a, Int)
mmapBinaryFilePtr f = do
    fd <- openBinaryFD f ReadMode
    len <- fdFileSize fd
    l <- checkedFromIntegral len $ do   -- some files are >4GB at those days ;)
        fail $ "mmapBinaryFilePtr: file '"++f++"' is too big ("++show len++" bytes) !"
    -- Don't bother mmaping small files because each mmapped file takes up
    -- at least one full VM block.
    if l < mmap_limit
       then do fp <- mallocForeignPtrBytes l
               withForeignPtr fp $ \p-> fdGetBuf fd p l
               fdClose fd
               return (fp, l)
       else do
               mmfd <- myOpenMMap fd ReadMode
               p <- myMMap mmfd ReadMode 0 l
               let unmap = do myUnMMap p l
                              myCloseMMap mmfd
                              fdClose fd
                              return ()
               fp <- FC.newForeignPtr p unmap
               return (fp, l)

    where mmap_limit = 16*1024

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