[Haskell-cafe] Re: Re[4]: In-place modification

Chris Smith cdsmith at twu.net
Mon Jul 16 00:46:37 EDT 2007

Hugh Perkins <hughperkins at gmail.com> wrote:
> My ideal testing environment is something like http://topcoder.com , but
> topcoder doesnt support Haskell at this time (probably because it would lose
> all the time, so noone would use it)
> I'd quite like to see a version of topcoder for Haskell, but shootout is not
> it.


Topcoder certainly isn't about benchmarking.  Undoubtedly, it would be 
absolutely awesome to be able to use Haskell in topcoder... but it 
wouldn't say anything about speed.  My guess is that practically no 
topcoder submissions fail by exceeding the allowable time limit.  The 
competition (the alg one, which is the only one anyone really cares 
about) is about solving problems quickly (in programmer time) and 

But wow, that would be great!  I suppose there's not much chance of 
lobbying them for the change. :)

Chris Smith

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