[Haskell-cafe] hMapping polymorphic functions

jeff p mutjida at gmail.com
Sun Jul 15 22:51:45 EDT 2007


I am experimenting with type-level HList based programming.

The Apply class:

    class Apply f a r | f a -> r where
      apply :: f -> a -> r
      apply = undefined  -- In case we use Apply for
                                 -- type-level computations only

    -- Normal function application

    instance Apply (x -> y) x y where
      apply f x = f x

makes it seem like it should be possible to hMap:

    class HMap f l l' | f l -> l'
      hMap :: f -> l -> l'

    instance HMap f HNil HNil
      hMap f HNil = HNil

    instance (
              Apply f x y,
              HMap f xs ys
         => HMap f (HCons x xs) (HCons y ys)
      hMap f (HCons x xs) = HCons (apply f x) (hMap f xs)

a (term-level) polymorphic function over a HList. As written it
doesn't work at all. A (local) functional dependency to say that the
function determines its argument type is missing.

Towards this end I changed the Apply instance to:

    instance TypeCast a' a => Apply (a -> b) a' b
        where apply f x = f (typeCast x)

This change allows me to apply a polymorphic function to elements of
an HList by hand:

    (\(f :: forall a. a -> [a]) -> HCons (f 'a') (HCons (f "a") HNil))
(\x -> [x])

However, I need to explicitly write the polymorphic type of the
argument f. Thus I cannot use hMap.

So I have two questions:

  1) Am I missing something?

  2) Is there some way to pass an arbitrary (i.e. don't know explicit
type at compile time) polymorphic function as an argument to another


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