[Haskell-cafe] List of authors happy to have work moved totheHaskell wiki

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Sat Jul 14 19:45:36 EDT 2007

> >(sorry if you already know this, just want to clarify. All AIUI, IANAL,
> >etc)
> neither am i!-)
> >If you publish something under licence A, you still remain the copyright
> >holder, and can later also publish it under licence B. You can also
> >publish it combined with other material under licence B.
> yes, and nobody is forced to sign on to that waiver list, either. but some
> of those who do might find it hampering rather than encouraging their
> own contributions. knowing as they do that someone else might publish
> their results for and before them, and that they have given full permission
> for that to happen. i would not like to see list contributions from those 
> active community members falter because of such possible side-effects.
> most uses do not even seem to require that waiver. and those who do 
> not sign on might still be perfectly happy to respond to most requests 
> with a simple "ok, go ahead".

I agree, most uses don't requrie the waiver. 

I mostly see it as useful for when we don't just want to link to a dry
mailing list, but instead use a post as the intial text for a page,
which is then further edited. 

> >>why should we have to think about licensing at all?
> >
> >If you want code you write to be distributed by Debian, for example,
> >then you need to license it appropriately.
> yes, and for the wiki it makes sense, and for open-source projects
> it makes sense, and i prefer the least limiting licenses whenever possible.
> i was just pointing out that the default copyright might make more sense 
> for the mailing list, imho. a simple email informing the original authors
> shouldn't be that hard, should it?

I agree: it would be basic courtesy to point out that a wiki page has
been created. I expect that to continue to occur anyway. This also means
we don't lose material written by those who might later levae the community,
which is useful.

-- Don

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