[Haskell-cafe] Looking for final year project - using Haskell, or another functional language

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at talk21.com
Sat Jul 14 18:53:47 EDT 2007

>I've already sent an email to the haskell.org admin requesting that
>/HOpenGL be made publically unviewable.

in the interim, there's now a bare-bones wiki page:


quite dreary, but at least visitors will no longer thing that the
binding should be "upgraded" to OpenGL 1.3, or wonder
where the sources are, or whether there are any examples 
that build with those sources..

while Sven keeps improving the implementation, perhaps
others can help out improving that entry page. some fancy
success stories, up-to-date tutorials, applications, libraries
(a binding for text perhaps?-).


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