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Nicolas Frisby nicolas.frisby at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 11:49:46 EDT 2007

Perhaps an information retrieval pipedream, but what if we attempted
an automated FAQ answerer? I'm sure some keywords pop-up often enough
in certain chunks of first posts (heterogenous lists, existential
error messages, SOE and graphics, category functor monad, etc). It
could respond with the standard links to the Wiki pages and research

Of course we would want to keep it on a leash for a while during
training and taming.

If we integrate it with the list, it might even belay the list
message, giving the user a chance to read its response before
 * not quite helpful, send to list anyway
 * never send me this rubbish again
Or we could avoid such invasive methods all together and just
auto-post a rather comprehensive answer.

Just a neat thought -- and another potentially nifty and well-sought
tool written in Haskell.

On 7/13/07, Philippa Cowderoy <flippa at flippac.org> wrote:
> On Fri, 13 Jul 2007, brad clawsie wrote:
> > to improve the list, might i suggest
> >
> > - push chatter to IRC
> >
> This is problematic for some kinds of techie chatter, where email makes it
> easier to get all the maths down.
> > - take this service off of email entirely. try a web forum system (you
> >   may have to slum it and use php). i don't recommend nntp, that just
> >   forces us to use gmane since very few isps provide nntp now. a web
> >   forum would allow you to segment interest sections while retaining a
> >   global search etc. if you use code like slash, you can just moderate
> >   noise makers off the page. you can set up a yahoo group in ten minutes.
> >
> A global search might be an idea to add to our existing archives,
> otherwise I'm still not convinced.
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