[Haskell-cafe] Looking for final year project - using Haskell, or another functional language

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Fri Jul 13 11:15:11 EDT 2007

I actually meant that simply as "beyond opengl bindings", but added
'better' to make reference to Hugh's suggestion.  The website sure could
be better though ;)

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>Building on what Hugh was getting at, beyond better opengl bindings,

i'm curious: just what do you think is missing in haskell's opengl

just be sure to ignore http://www.haskell.org/HOpenGL/ , which should be
moved to the wiki or to /dev/null. instead, look at the implementation,
mailing list and and api docs (which need to be read side-by-side with
the specs):



the mailing list has occasional progress info like this


>Implement the entire opengl 1.3 interface specifications in Haskell.


    This module corresponds to section 2.3 (GL Command Sytax)
    of the OpenGL 2.1 specs.


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