[Haskell-cafe] Gtk2Hs, Glade, Multiple windows/dialog in one interface file.

D.V. dav.vire+haskell at gmail.com
Sun Jul 8 16:39:38 EDT 2007

I finally got it to work with onResponse : I traced each possible
response to see which one was fired when clicking the close button....

  onResponse aboutdialog $ \resp -> do
    putStrLn "onResponse!!!"
    case resp of
      ResponseNone        -> putStrLn "ResponseNone"
      ResponseReject      -> putStrLn "ResponseReject"
      ResponseAccept      -> putStrLn "ResponseAccept"
      ResponseDeleteEvent -> putStrLn "ResponseDeleteEvent"
      ResponseOk          -> putStrLn "ResponseOk"
      ResponseCancel      -> putStrLn "ResponseCancel" >> widgetHide aboutdialog
      ResponseClose       -> putStrLn "ResponseClose"
      ResponseYes         -> putStrLn "ResponseYes"
      ResponseNo          -> putStrLn "ResponseNo"
      ResponseApply       -> putStrLn "ResponseApply"
      ResponseHelp        -> putStrLn "ResponseHelp"
      ResponseUser n      -> putStrLn ("ResponseUser "++ show n)

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