[Haskell-cafe] Binary serialization, was Re: Abstraction leak

Jonathan Cast jcast at ou.edu
Thu Jul 5 10:31:51 EDT 2007

On Thursday 05 July 2007, Thomas Conway wrote:
> I was explaining Haskell to a perl/python hacking friend recently and
> characterized things thus:
> Perl is a horrible language with fantastic libraries.
> Haskell is a fantastic language with horrible libraries.
> Actually, many of the libraries that exist for Haskell *are*
> fantastic, it's just that Haskell lacks the *coverage* that Perl or
> Python have.

Can't say I agree.  I've been learning Python, and have been very un-impressed 
so far with its library coverage, which I would rate no better than (in terms 
of the POSIX bindings, worse than) Haskell.

The one thing off the top of my head that Python had was Base64, but that's 20 
lines of Haskell tops.  Aside from that, nothing.

Jonathan Cast

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