[Haskell-cafe] Haskell Cookbook?

Pixel pixel at mandriva.com
Wed Jan 31 08:08:10 EST 2007

Dougal Stanton <ithika at gmail.com> writes:

> Hmm, that doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but you see what I'm
> getting at. The cookbook approach is great; it's a real shame that the
> one Haskell cookbook implementation out there (it was a reworking of a
> perl book I think? I can't remember the name) was barely recognisable as
> Haskell at all. I think the entire Prelude had been hidden and all the
> operators redefined as other things. Maybe it would be useful to start
> on that, but using idiomatic Haskell rather than obfuscated Haskell.

(about http://pleac.sf.net/)

pleac is coming along quite nicely, with some active contributers
(ocaml, groovy...)

as for the haskell entry, Yoann Padioleau wanted to show haskell could
be very expressive, so he introduced many new functions/operators. The
haskell entry should be renamed because it's really a domain specific
embedded language :-)
(see http://pleac.sourceforge.net/pleac_haskell/a1102.html)

But this does not follow the pleac goal, which aims at showing how to
do something the "standard" way. I'm planning to contribute a new
haskell entry to pleac, based on Yoann's, but getting rid of the all
the wonderful weird stuff, ie plain old haskell :)
If someone wanna do it before me (since alas i can't allocate much
time on it), please do!

Pascal Rigaux - http://merd.net/pixel/language-study/syntax-across-languages

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