[Haskell-cafe] Haskell Cookbook?

Alexy Khrabrov deliverable at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 20:11:42 EST 2007

So I'm picking up Haskell bit by bit, and I found the code examples
transpiring here most useful.  Reflecting why it's harder to pick up
Haskell than say Ruby or Python, here's what I found -- those
languages deal with a typical domain available to any programmer --
his own computer/system/shell.  The artifacts are files, directories,
timestamps, etc.  The stuff every programmer understands in their
sleep.  APIs.  So I loved the shell-script beautification thread.
That's how I learn about new modules and their functions -- as use

I also found some pieces of Haskell strewn around people's websites,
blogs, forums; even at paste.lisp.org.  I'm gathering them for my own
purpose and trying to compile and run them.

Wouldn't it be nice -- in case it doesn't exist already -- a[n
O'Reilly[-like]] Haskell Cookbook?  That would be the best way to
learn Haskell.  I've found a wikibook on Haskell, but I look for a big
bag of small, self-contained programs.  Perhaps you esteemed veterans
can dig your small scripts and paste them into a wiki?

Examples needed -- how to connect to a database; to a web service
(e.g. Amazon); read a csv file; represent data equivalent to a
directory listing; a text file/XML; etc...


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