[Haskell-cafe] Re: proposal: HaBench, a Haskell Benchmark Suite

Al Falloon afalloon at synopsys.com
Fri Jan 26 10:17:28 EST 2007

Kenneth Hoste wrote:
> The idea is to gather a bunch of programs written in Haskell, and which 
> are representative for the Haskell community (i.e. apps, libraries, 
> ...).

A While ago I tried to write a Haskell version of John Harrops 
ray-tracer benchmark 
(http://www.ffconsultancy.com/free/ray_tracer/languages.html) but the 
performance was not very good (the OCaml version I based it on was at 
least 10x faster).

I would be happy to contribute my code to the benchmark suite if you are 
interested. Perhaps someone can point out obvious speed-ups that I 
missed while trying to improve the performance.

Alan Falloon

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