[Haskell-cafe] Simple HTTP lib for Windows?

Björn Bringert bringert at cs.chalmers.se
Fri Jan 19 07:00:22 EST 2007

Greg Fitzgerald wrote:
> I'd like to write a very simple Haskell script that when given a URL, 
> looks up the page, and returns a string of HTML. I don't see an HTTP 
> library in the standard libs, and the one in Hackage requires Windows 
> machines have GHC and MinGW to be installed and in the PATH. 
> Is there a simple way to get the contents of a webpage using Haskell on 
> a Windows box?

I agree with other posters that the Network.HTTP API should be made more 
easy to use. I will happily accept patches for this.

The HTTP package homepage (http://www.haskell.org/http/) mentioned the 
GHC and MinGW requirements you cite, but those seemed to be out of date. 
You should be able to use plain Cabal to install the HTTP package for 
any recent GHC or Hugs.


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