[Haskell-cafe] IO in lists

Chris Kuklewicz haskell at list.mightyreason.com
Tue Jan 16 16:15:08 EST 2007

Try the code below.  It is a fairly structured way to get exactly the behavior
you asked for.  The lazy and unsafeLazy versions are the ones you are interested in.

module Main where

import Data.Char
import System.IO
import System.IO.Unsafe

newtype Stream a = Stream {next:: (IO (Maybe (a,Stream a)))}

-- Run this "main" (e.g. in GHCI) and type several lines of text.
-- The program ends when a line of text contains 'q' for the second time
main = do
  hSetBuffering stdin NoBuffering
  hSetBuffering stdout NoBuffering
  print "Test of strict"
  opWith =<< strict untilQ
  print "Test of unsafeStrict"
  opWith $ unsafeStrict untilQ
  print "Test of lazy"
  opWith =<< lazy untilQ
  print "Test of unsafeLazy"
  opWith $ unsafeLazy untilQ

-- Shorthand for test above. Processing the input through toUpper
opWith = mapM_ print . lines . map toUpper

untilQ :: Stream Char
untilQ = Stream $ do
  c <- getChar
  if c == 'q'
    then return Nothing
    else return (Just (c,untilQ))

strict :: Stream a -> IO [a]
strict s = do
  mc <- next s
  case mc of
    Nothing -> return []
    Just (c,s') -> do rest <- strict s'
                      return (c:rest)

lazy :: Stream a -> IO [a]
lazy s = unsafeInterleaveIO $ do
  mc <- next s
  case mc of
    Nothing -> return []
    Just (c,s') -> do rest <- lazy s'
                      return (c:rest)

unsafeStrict :: Stream a -> [a]
unsafeStrict s = unsafePerformIO (strict s)

unsafeLazy :: Stream a -> [a]
unsafeLazy s = unsafePerformIO (lazy s)

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