[Haskell-cafe] hacking ghci

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Tue Jan 9 14:29:25 EST 2007

I'd suggest #2.  It's exactly the reason that GHC is available as a library, and it makes your work much more independent of GHC.  If you find it doesn't have the API you need, we can work to improve it.


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| Hi Haskellers. A short while ago I asked about the possibility to have
| the output of ghci in color.  Thanks to Donald Stewart who set up a
| wiki page to continue the attempt. Other people suggested HsColour and
| GUI's (thanks too). I'm not so interested in highlighting the snippets
| of code which ghci displays, but to use different colors for the
| different types of output: different colors for the prompt, input,
| warnings, exceptions, normal output, etc.
| Are any of these ideas viable?:
| 1. Hack the code of Interactive.hs in the GHC distribution and
|    substitute the calls to 'putStr[Ln]' by some thin wrapper which can
|    write with colors, according to a command line option (--color or
|    --colour, for example), maybe using HsColour. This looks easy
|    enough and I'd be willing to do it, but it's intrusive, and one has
|    to mantain a different version of ghci in parallel with the main
|    ghci.
| 2. Use GHC as library (from 6.6 on) and write a similar application as
|    ghci, with more emphasis in the 'interactive' part of the name (in
|    the same way as the relation between Python and the IPython
|    extended shell). This is more work and more duplicate efforts, but
|    it may be worthly, perhaps.
| 3. Write a wrapper which communicates with ghci via pipes. I read some
|    attempts about this somewhere, and people suggested an approach as
|    in #2.
| I haven't mentioned the GUI applications, since I would like to just
| have something in the spirit of ghci (command line oriented), but with
| colors or with configurable output.  Which approach do you people
| think it is best?
| Sorry for the long message. Cheers,
| Walter
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