[Haskell-cafe] MissingH: profiler support?

Chris Eidhof chris at eidhof.nl
Mon Jan 8 17:13:31 EST 2007

Hey all,

I'm trying to profile my application, which makes use of MissingH.  
But when compiling with -prof -auto-all, I get the following error:

> Language.hs:8:7:
>     Could not find module `Data.String':
>       Perhaps you haven't installed the profiling libraries for  
> package MissingH-0.18.0?
>       Use -v to see a list of the files searched for.

When compiling without those options, everything works just fine. I  
built missingh from source, and added -prof -auto-all to GHCPARMS,  
and did a ./setup configure,make,install and still no result. Does  
anyone know what could be wrong? I'd really like to keep using  
MissingH and having profiling support at the same time.


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