[Haskell-cafe] Why does the wiki search facility not work properly?

Brian Hulley brianh at metamilk.com
Sun Jan 7 11:12:30 EST 2007

There is a page on the Haskell Wiki titled "Talk:SantaClausProblem" 
subtitled "Beautiful concurrency". However typing any of the following into 
the search box *doesn't* lead to the page:

    beautiful concurrency

In fact to get the page you have to type the *exact* full title in the 
*exact* case. Luckily I could always refer back to SimonPJ's post to the 
Haskell mailing list to find the link to the page, but I think this 
situation is really bad because it means that things on the wiki are more or 
less just being thrown down a gaping void never to be seen again unless you 
know which catagories to look in from the main page.

Another point is that the word "beautiful" does occur on the page but the 
page is not included in the list of page text matches. Perhaps the site is 
not being automatically re-indexed frequently enough? There is also a bunch 
of check boxes at the bottom of the search results page that doesn't seem to 
do anything either except cause nothing at all to happen when you click 
search unless the (Main) box is the only box ticked.

Anyway I thought I'd just point this out in case anyone knows how to fix it.

Thanks, Brian.

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