[Haskell-cafe] trivial function application question

brad clawsie clawsie at fastmail.fm
Thu Jan 4 16:37:55 EST 2007

greetings to this helpful and informative list

i have a small problem that will be certainly trivial for almost
everyone reading this, i would appreciate a little help

lets say i have a string

s = "abcdefg"

now i have two lists of strings, one a list of patterns to match, and
a list of replacement strings:

patterns = ["a","b"]
replace = ["Z","Y"]

from which my intent is that "a" be replaced by "Z", "b" by "Y" etc

now using the replace function from MissingH.Str (which i know is now 
renamed), i wish to apply replace to s using (pattern[0], replace[0]), 
(pattern[1], replace[1])...(pattern[N], replace[N]).

i am sure there is an elegant way to apply replace to s for all of
these argument pairs without composing replace N times myself, but the
solution escapes me.

thanks in advance for any help you can provide for this trivial issue

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