[Haskell-cafe] numeric minimization in Haskell

Chad Scherrer chad.scherrer at gmail.com
Wed Feb 28 18:51:16 EST 2007

On 2/28/07, Dan Weston <westondan at imageworks.com> wrote:
> GSL is written in C, and I don't know any language more portable than
> that! gsl_vector and gsl_matrix use a continuous block of doubles, so
> you can use the FFI to marshall this however you want for efficiency.
> I'd stick with GSLHaskell until you're ready to optimize the data
> marshalling though.
> I like spending my time on interesting things, not reinventing
> pre-debugged and efficient libraries. I use GSLHaskell in my work and
> have never had a problem.
> Dan
That's my preference, too. Have you ever tried GSLHaskell on MS
Windows? I do most of my work on Linux, but a guy I'm working with
uses MS, and I've heard cygwin can be a huge pain.

I have a big space leak right now I thought might be because of list
laziness in the interface, but that should be squashable with a little
work, and is not as big a deal as having lots of dependencies when
passing code around. I only really need one function from GSL, and the
odds of someone having written a work-alike in Haskell seemed pretty

Of course, in cases where GSL is already installed, or where more of
its functionality is needed, GSLHaskell is the obvious choice.


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