[Haskell-cafe] Re: process

Jules Bean jules at jellybean.co.uk
Fri Feb 23 07:22:03 EST 2007

h. wrote:
> If it basically works, what goes wrong in my programm?

Well that depends entirely what your program is supposed to do.

Your email doesn't tell us (a) what your program was supposed to do or 
(b) what goes wrong. Therefore we are forced to guess!

The following slight variation of your program works fine for me. I 
don't have anything called 'prog1' on my system, so I used 'bc' which is 
a calculator program standard on unixes, which works by line-by-line 
interaction. I varied your program just a tiny bit to get some 
interesting output:

module Main where
import System.Process
import System.IO

main :: IO ()
main = do
        putStrLn "Running BC"
        (inp,out,err,pid) <- runInteractiveProcess "bc" [] Nothing Nothing
        hSetBuffering inp LineBuffering
        hSetBuffering out LineBuffering
        hSetBuffering err LineBuffering
        hPutStrLn inp "1+3"
        a <- hGetLine out
        hPutStrLn inp a
        a <- hGetLine out
        hPutStrLn inp "quit"
        waitForProcess pid
        putStrLn a

This program asks 'bc' to calculate "1+3".  The reply is stored in 'a'. 
Then the program sends 'a' back to bc, effectively asking bc to 
calculate "4". Since the "4" evaluates just to "4", 'a' gets the value 
"4" once more.

Then I have to send "quit" to bc. That is the command that "bc" 
interprets as an instruction to quit; without that command, 
'waitForProcess pid' will wait forever (it's waiting for bc to quit).

Finally my program outputs "4" the result of the last calculation.

Is this close to what you're trying to do?


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