[Haskell-cafe] TFP 2007: Registration and Program

Seth Gordon sethg at ropine.com
Thu Feb 22 12:56:43 EST 2007

Murray Gross wrote:
> First, I suspect that the date is now cast in stone and cannot be
> changed, and it is fair to suspect that holiday observance is going to
> reduce attendance (at the very least, in the later afternoon).

I assume that there is no way to change the date for *this* conference;
it would require renegotiating agreements and rejuggling schedules with
too many actors (hotels, restaurants, important speakers, etc.).

But I would like everyone involved in planning *future* conferences to
keep this issue in mind.

> I would suggest that if the dates cannot be moved around by a
> few days, the conference organizers should make a concerted attempt to
> see to it that food acceptable for Passover consumption is available for
> those that require it (like myself) and that conference attendees know
> this in advance.

Given how much variation there is in how people define "food acceptable
for Passover consumption", this could easily lead to embarassment on
both sides.

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