[Haskell-cafe] A "real" Haskell Cookbook

P. R. Stanley prstanley at ntlworld.com
Wed Feb 21 22:34:54 EST 2007

and can I please ask anyone thinking of using special symbols to 
resist the temptation.
Symbols such as the &160 used liberally in the Haskell wikibook are 
totally invisible to screen readers.
I would be happy to proof read any document before it goes to the 
wikibook to ensure it's fully accessible to screen readers.


At 03:17 22/02/2007, you wrote:
>I made a preliminary page, and fleshed out some of the 
>headers/sub-headers on the wiki page for a good Haskell Cookbook 
>(aka NOT a PLEAC clone).  Please contribute and/or fix the examples 
>and explanations so we can make a really nice Cookbook for newbies. :)
>  http://haskell.org/haskellwiki/Cookbook
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