[Haskell-cafe] Summer of Code

Chris Kuklewicz haskell at list.mightyreason.com
Thu Feb 15 07:47:32 EST 2007

Donald Bruce Stewart wrote:
>> If anyone *can* make HsJudy install and work, could you put this information on
>> the haskell wiki?
>> -- 
>> Chris
> I'd just ping the auhtor, host the repo on darcs.haskell.org, and then
> fix it until it builds like any normal cabalised repo.
> It really could be a Data.HashTable killer, given a bit of build
> infrastructure love :-)
> -- Don

I kludged an install that makes it work in ghci now.  But I don't have a tested
recipe for this yet.

Even downloading from the pugs repository was tricky.  I could not see how to
use darcs to get just HsJudy (when I tried to do so darcs was grabbing > 3k
patches (using --partial!)).  So use "wget --no-parent -r", which is hardly a
step I could put in a general recipe.


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