[Haskell-cafe] Re: Implementation of scaled integers

Stefan Heinzmann stefan_heinzmann at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 15 07:26:26 EST 2007

Stefan Heinzmann wrote:

> is there a library for Haskell that implements scaled integers, i.e.
> integers with a fixed scale factor so that the scale factor does not
> need to be stored, but is part of the type?
> In particular it would be useful (i.e. for signal processing) to have
> numbers based on Int scaled such that they fall into the range [-1.0 ..
> 1.0). Or other scale factors which are powers of 2. Addition and
> subtraction would then map to the ordinary operations for Int, while
> Multiplication and Division would have to apply the scale factor to
> correct the result of normal Int operations (which would be a shift
> operation).

I'm answering myself, as I've come up with a naïve and probably
embarrassing first try, which I'm presenting here below so that I can
improve my (so far very limited) Haskell skills.

Division isn't efficient yet, I just wanted some solution to allow
trying it out.

I'm sure this can be improved a lot, either in style or in efficiency.
So please comment.


module ShiftedInt (Int0B31) where

import Data.Int
import Data.Bits
import Data.Ratio

data Int0B31 = Int0b31 Int32

instance Show Int0B31 where
    show (Int0b31 a) = show ((fromIntegral a) * sfD)

instance Fractional Int0B31 where
    fromRational a =
        Int0b31(fromInteger(quot((numerator a)*sfI) (denominator a)))
    (/) (Int0b31 a) (Int0b31 b) =
        fromRational ((fromIntegral a) % (fromIntegral b))

instance Num Int0B31 where
    negate (Int0b31 a) = Int0b31 (negate a)
    abs (Int0b31 a) = Int0b31 (abs a)
    signum (Int0b31 a) = Int0b31 (signum a)
    fromInteger a = Int0b31 (fromInteger a)
    (+) a b = a + b
    (*) (Int0b31 a) (Int0b31 b) =
        Int0b31 (mul64 (fromIntegral a) (fromIntegral b))

instance Ord Int0B31 where
    (<=) (Int0b31 a) (Int0b31 b) = a <= b

instance Eq Int0B31 where
    (==) (Int0b31 a) (Int0b31 b) = a == b

mul64 :: Int64 -> Int64 -> Int32
mul64 a b = fromIntegral ((a * b) `shift` shiftamount)

sfD = 2.0 ^^ shiftamount
sfI = 2 ^ (-shiftamount)
shiftamount = -31

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