[Haskell-cafe] Newbie: generating a truth table

phiroc at free.fr phiroc at free.fr
Tue Feb 6 04:43:57 EST 2007


I would like to create a Haskell function that generates a truth table, for all
Boolean values, say, using the following "and" function :

and :: Bool -> Bool -> Bool
and a b = a && b

I have tried creating a second function called "loop", which repeatedly calls
"and", but it did not work, because, for some reason unknown to me, "do" does
not like repeated function calls

loop = do
	and True True
	and True False
	and False True
	and False False

Is there a better way to repeatedly call "and"?

Furthermore, is there a way in Haskell to loop through the Boolean values (True
and False) and call "and" each time?

Last but not least, in the "loop" function above, assuming that there is a way
to repeatedly call the "and" function, how could you intersperse "printStr"s
between the "and" calls?

loop = do
        printStr("Calling and True True returns ")
	and True True
        printStr("Calling and True False returns ")
	and True False
        printStr("Calling and False True returns ")
	and False True
        printStr("Calling and False False returns ")
	and False False

Many thanks.

Best regards,


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