[Haskell-cafe] "Write Yourself a Scheme in 48 Hours"

Henk-Jan van Tuyl hjgtuyl at chello.nl
Fri Feb 2 02:34:08 EST 2007

See for examples of the usage of >>= "A tour of the Haskell monad  
functions", URL:

On Fri, 02 Feb 2007 01:31:36 +0100, Shannon -jj Behrens <jjinux at gmail.com>  

> I'm going through the "Write Yourself a Scheme in 48 Hours"
> <http://halogen.note.amherst.edu/~jdtang/scheme_in_48/tutorial/overview.html>
> tutorial.  I like it a lot, but I have some concerns.  Are the
> exercises in the tutorial known to be solvable by mere mortals?
> For instance:
> "Rewrite parseNumber using...explicit sequencing with the >>= operator"
> http://halogen.note.amherst.edu/~jdtang/scheme_in_48/tutorial/parser.html#symbols
> There aren't any examples of using >>= previous to this question.
> Furthermore, the link to the Standard Prelude is not helpful because
> there aren't any examples of how to use >>=.

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